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Secured Lending

Priority Law is a trusted partner for commercial lenders, ensuring all transactions are processed as quickly and efficiently as possible whilst also ensuring that our clients’ position is protected.

Our practical advice and ongoing management of transactions support an extensive range of lending activities, including the purchase and mortgage of individual properties, investment in commercial, residential and mixed-use developments and expansion of complex property portfolios.

Our multi-disciplinary, sector-focused team is particularly adept at processing short-term funding transactions, which are typically needed at short notice. Our speed of delivery is unrivalled and we regularly complete loan transactions, regardless of size or complexity, within twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

We work closely with lenders, property professionals, landlords, investors, solicitors and their agents to avoid potential delays, mitigate risks and reach the swift completion of each transaction.

We pride ourselves on responding proactively to all instructions, ensuring the entire process, from due diligence to completion, is managed competently throughout.

Fraud prevention is central to our activities and we maintain a detailed understanding of the regulatory requirements placed upon our clients.

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